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Getting a divorce? Have you changed all of your passwords?

It may be hard to believe that someone you have lived with for years could become malicious after a breakup. We hope your ex remains reasonable and your divorce is as amicable as possible, but the stress and pressure of divorce can bring out the worst in people. If you think your ex might be looking to cause you trouble or embarrassment, one thing you should consider is changing all of your passwords.

'Bird nesting' is a new housing option in shared custody cases

During and after a divorce, kids often end up spending time in two homes. They may get two of everything, but there is a lot more travel involved than before -- and that can be inconvenient and disruptive. In an effort to reduce the upheaval, some parents have turned the typical shared parenting arrangement inside out. Now, instead of the child traveling from one parent's home to the other, the parents are doing the traveling.

Property in Kentucky is subject to equitable division

A divorce is an emotional experience for even the strongest men and women. For those who desire to divorce, ending a marriage can still bring up strong feelings of loss and fear of the future. Common anxieties that afflict divorcing parties revolve around the happiness of their kids and the parties' ongoing financial stability.

Under what circumstances may alimony be awarded?

In situations where one spouse has foregone gainful employment during a marriage, spousal maintenance sometimes known as alimony may come into play. Spousal Maintenance is money that one spouse pays to the other after they have gone through a divorce. Spousal Maintenance is intended to help a spouse either get to the point that they can earn their own living or is awarded permanently if the recipient is unable to work.

Grandparent visitation in Kentucky

A divorce severs the legal relationship between two people who were joined in marriage. It does not, however, sever the parties' responsibilities to their children when they choose to end their relationship. In fact, parents who divorce are tasked with committing to custodial and visitation schedules that serve their children's best interests.

Understanding Kentucky child support computations

When Kentucky parents go through a divorce, the court handling their legal dilemma will give considerable attention to the well-being of the children who are affected by the end of the marriage. Both child custody and child support determinations can be managed by courts when parents fail to come to agreements about such matters on their own. In Kentucky, decisions regarding child support are generally made in accordance with the state's child support guidelines.

What are the requirements for filing for divorce in Kentucky?

It can be very difficult for a Danville resident to assess their marriage and determine that they would be better off ending their relationship. This process can be made even more complex if the individual is a parent to minor children and must prepare to support them as they break the legal bonds that unite them with their spouse.

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