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October 2017 Archives

An overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Financial stress and strain can be overwhelming for a Kentucky resident. It can also be incredibly isolating to feel as though a person is alone in their financial fight. Readers of this blog who are pressured by the weight of overwhelming debt and insurmountable bills may wish to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then seek their own counsel on whether the process may be beneficial to their financial situations.

Bankruptcy is a legal tool to address overwhelming financial debt

No one wants to experience the undeniably stressful feeling of being unable to pay one's bills. As their mailboxes fill up with medical bills, mortgage bills, utility bills and a host of other periodic and one-time costs, Kentucky residents may watch their savings and investments dwindle and their plans for the future change. Financial hardships can result from any number of causes, such as loss of work and unexpected medical expenses, but whether or not a person should have expected the monetary challenges that they are facing is irrelevant to the burden they must carry as financial peril sets in.

What parents need to know about Kentucky underage DUI laws

While parents try their best to protect their children, there is always the chance that they can get into trouble. One challenging legal problem that parents can help their child with is an underage driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

Images on social media lead to arrest of robbery suspect

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be entertaining ways for Kentucky residents to share special moments of their lives with their friends and family. While most people are aware that these web-based portals have different security settings that may limit who may view their profiles and included content, they may not be aware of how the information shared about them online can be used to lodge criminal accusations against them.

What are the requirements for filing for divorce in Kentucky?

It can be very difficult for a Danville resident to assess their marriage and determine that they would be better off ending their relationship. This process can be made even more complex if the individual is a parent to minor children and must prepare to support them as they break the legal bonds that unite them with their spouse.

Important steps to take as the victim of a car accident

Vehicle accidents are an unfortunate part of driving and for many of the Kentucky residents who are unlucky enough to be involved in collisions their crashes result in a lot of extra work and a fair amount of frustration. However, some automobile collisions can be very serious and can result in victims suffering significant and life-threatening injuries. When a car accident victim suffers an injury or a loss as a result of their crash there are some important steps that they should take to protect their rights and potentially prepare to litigate their personal injury claims.

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