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What are the requirements for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Not long ago, this blog discussed the elements of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Many individuals who use bankruptcy as a means of alleviating their overwhelming financial burdens choose Chapter 7 because it provides a relatively quick method of finding freedom from debts. However, it is important that those who are considering bankruptcy understand the Chapter 13 process as well and the requirements it imposes on those who wish to utilize its protections.

Elements of proof in a pedestrian accident case

Every year Kentucky residents are seriously injured and some are even killed when negligent automobile drivers crash their vehicles into pedestrians. While the types of losses that victims of pedestrian accidents may suffer can vary dramatically, there are generally a few negligence-based elements that they must prove in court before any recovery may be awarded. This post will touch on those general elements which may apply to other forms of personal injury cases. Readers are asked, however, to discuss the facts of their specific personal injury cases with their lawyers as this post is not intended to provide any legal advice.

What is zoning and how can it impact my plans to build?

While driving through the various neighborhoods of Danville and other Kentucky communities, readers of this blog may have noticed that similar structures are grouped together. For example, a residential development may be exclusively comprised of single family homes, while a bustling retail neighborhood may be replete with shops, restaurants and other places where individuals engage in commerce. Add to that the fact that, often, industrial entities are lumped together in remote parts of cities and one may begin to notice an important pattern emerging in the layout of a location.

Understanding Kentucky child support computations

When Kentucky parents go through a divorce, the court handling their legal dilemma will give considerable attention to the well-being of the children who are affected by the end of the marriage. Both child custody and child support determinations can be managed by courts when parents fail to come to agreements about such matters on their own. In Kentucky, decisions regarding child support are generally made in accordance with the state's child support guidelines.

Impact of catastrophic injury can extend beyond direct victims

In a matter of seconds, a Kentucky resident's whole life can change. One moment they may be doing their job, out for a jog, driving their car or engaging in another common pastime, and the next, they may be struggling to live in the wake of a violent accident. Whether due to a vehicle accident, on-the-job incident, or other injury-causing event, the victim of a serious personal injury can see the course of their life change in a blink of an eye.

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