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The means test of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the two main personal bankruptcy options that Kentucky residents may utilize to eliminate their overwhelming debts. Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, however, Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires filers to have a sufficiently low income in order to qualify. While under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor may use their income to pay down their financial obligations, under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they must liquidate their assets and property in order to garner funds for the repayment of their loans.

Multiple defendants may be to blame for a truck accident

A civil lawsuit between two Kentucky residents may be a relatively straightforward matter. If one party alleges that the other caused an accident and that the victim suffered injuries, the matter will likely resolve with either the plaintiff obtaining financial recompense for their losses or the defendant winning and avoiding civil liability.

Under what circumstances may alimony be awarded?

In situations where one spouse has foregone gainful employment during a marriage, spousal maintenance sometimes known as alimony may come into play. Spousal Maintenance is money that one spouse pays to the other after they have gone through a divorce. Spousal Maintenance is intended to help a spouse either get to the point that they can earn their own living or is awarded permanently if the recipient is unable to work.

Consumer rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Most Kentucky residents carry some form of debt. Whether it comes in the form of student loans, from overspending on a credit card or from a mortgage that allows them to work toward owning their home, a person can accumulate debt in many different ways. While some people are able to manage their debt and methodically work toward financial parity, others struggle to keep up with the payments on their loans.

What is a short sale?

Not that long ago, the national news was turning out stories about the number of American homeowners who were falling on hard times and experiencing foreclosure of their homes. Foreclosure was and still is a major real estate problem in Kentucky and can deprive a family of their residence if they are unable to pay their mortgage. This post will discuss a topic related to foreclosure that some individuals choose to pursue rather than seeing their properties claimed by their lenders: a short sale.

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