Helping Our Neighbors Get Through Challenging Family Law Matters

Few things in life matter more than family. At Sheehan, Barnett, Dean, Pennington, Dexter & Tucker, P.S.C., we understand that. Each of our attorneys would do anything for their families, and we strive to protect yours as well.

For more than 40 years, we have assisted individuals and families in Danville and throughout central Kentucky, with numerous family law matters, including divorce, child custody and timeshare issues.

Why Choose Us?

First and foremost, we are a family law firm. While our lawyers are not related, we all value family above anything else. This greatly impacts how we approach your case.

When handled poorly, family law matters can cause significant disruption and hardship to those involved — including children. We do everything we can to avoid this. We strive to guide you toward a resolution that leaves you in a better place and keeps any negative impact on your life and the lives of your children to a minimum.

Protecting Your Best Interests In Divorce And Other Matters

When you work with us, you will work with a group of attorneys that has more than 100 years of combined legal experience. We are committed to helping you find the right solution to your family law matter. We handle all types of issues, including:

  • Separation and divorce, including property division and spousal support (also known as maintenance and alimony)
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Family law issues involving drug addiction
  • Timeshare issues
  • Adoption

We know that family law issues can be challenging to face. We are here to help. We will be strong advocates for you and your children throughout the duration of your case.

Turn To Your Local Firm For Help

At Sheehan, Barnett, Dean, Pennington, Dexter & Tucker, P.S.C., we provide effective legal guidance. To schedule a time to tell us about your situation, please call us at 859-236-2641 or contact us by email.