Protecting The Rights Of Injured Farmers

Farming is more than an occupation; it is a way of life. Farmers expect to work hard, they expect to sacrifice their time, and they anticipate living through the ups and downs of the commodities markets.

No farmer should expect having to deal with the ramifications of a devastating injury.

At Sheehan, Barnett, Dean, Pennington, Dexter & Tucker, P.S.C., in Danville, Kentucky, we are strong advocates for farmers who suffer injuries due to the negligence of others. With more than 100 years of experience, farmers and their families can turn to us for the compassionate care and thorough legal representation they need as they seek the compensation they deserve after a serious accident.

Our attorneys pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims against the individuals and corporations responsible for farming accidents. This includes going after the designers and manufacturers of farming equipment that is deemed to be defective.

The Compensation You Need To Make A Full Recovery

Having an experienced lawyer is crucial in making sure you obtain the financial resources you need to cover damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and property damage after a farming accident. Our goal is to make sure you and your loved ones have the resources you need to make ends meet during and after your recovery.

Let Us Help You

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