Drug Addiction And Family Law

As family law attorneys, we are well-aware of the damage that drug addiction can have on families. We have witnessed tragic situations where a spouse’s or parent’s drug problem has led to a divorce or losing custody of a child.

Despite advances in awareness and treatment options over the years, we are seemingly no closer as a society to eliminating the threat of drug addiction. In fact, the scourge of opiate addiction has made national news as more families in Kentucky and throughout the nation are ravaged by it.

At Sheehan, Barnett, Dean, Pennington, Dexter & Tucker, P.S.C., in Danville, we know we cannot undo the past, but we can help mothers, fathers and children seek a better future. When drug addiction leads to the need for family law services, we can be relied upon to provide compassionate care and skilled legal representation in practice areas such as divorce, child custody and adoption.

Drugs And Child Custody

Parents who struggle with drug addiction run the risk of losing custody of their children or only having access during supervised visitation. We understand how sensitive an issue this is and work closely with parents to make sure the best interests of children are served in such trying times.

We also work to help parents put their lives back together and regain access to their children, but this is only possible if your clients are willing to take action to stop using drugs and prove that they have the ability to remain clean. This involves independent drug screening for a period of six months or more, demonstrating an ability to hold a job, and proving to a judge that re-establishing parental rights is in the child’s best interest. After all, the child’s well-being trumps all, as it should.

Family Adoptions

Drug addiction is sometimes an issue for both parents or even leads to the death of a parent. In such tragic situations, we can work with grandparents, stepparents and other family members to pursue a family adoption. This is often the best way to provide a stable home for a child while still keeping them in a relatively familiar family structure.

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